Eagle Eye Zhaga Sensor is a motion detection light controller for luminaires complying with Zhaga
Book 18 specification and SR (System Ready) concept. The sensor is designed according to Dali-2
(IEC62386), part 303 Occupancy sensor as a D4i Type B device, in addition to automatically taking role as a Type A controller device if no other controller is present.

The sensor detects pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles using an advanced doppler radar detector.
Commissioned in a network of several sensor, the system provides light-ahead functionality, lighting up the path, street or road ahead. The Zhaga socket receptable must be mounted below the luminaire, and oriented according to Zhaga Book 18 recommendations.

Configuration of the system and access to the system in operation is done over a Comlight Gateway Unit.

Zhaga Gateway Unit

SKU: 200-0303AA_SIM
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  • Technical
    • Zhaga Book 18 compliant
    • DALI-2, part 303 Occupancy sensor certified
    • Philips SR driver compliant
    • D4i type device:
    o Standard: B
    o Gateway: A
    • Supply voltage: 24 VDC from LED driver
    • Electrical class III (SELV)
    • Power consumption
    standard version: < 1 W.
    Dimming Control Output
    • DALI-2 according to IEC62386
    System Requirements
    The Luminaires Zhaga socket must be mounted below the luminaire,
    and oriented according to Zhaga Book 18 recommendations.
    RF Communication
    • Frequency: 868.35 MHz
    • Output Power: ≤13.9 dBm
    K-Band Radar Motion Detection
    • Frequency: 24.050-
    • Output Power: ≤26.9 dBm
    • Sensor: Doppler radar
    • Operating temperature
    range: -30 to +60°C
    • Protection Type: IP66
    • Housing Material: Luran (PC
    and ASA blend)
    • Color:
    RAL7016 Anthracite grey
    • Dimensions: Height 59 mm,
    Width 90 mm, Depth 90 mm
    • Weight: 125 g
    System Options
    • Gateway alt. 1 (LTE Cat-1,
    • Gateway alt. 2 (LTE Cat-M1,
    NB-IoT, GSM / GPRS / EDGE)