CityLinx is an open Smart City Platform and Central Management Software (CMS) that can configure,
control, command and monitor many suppliers of Luminaire Controllers, as well as other connected
devices such as streetlight cabinet controllers, pole monitors, door opening sensors, weather stations,
pollution sensors, electrical meters, parking place detectors, city information panels, traffic cameras, EV
charging stations, waste container sensors and more.

Street Lighting CMS system

  • CityLinx is open and answers the most important need expressed by most customers not to be
    locked with one single hardware/network supplier. CityLinx is an independent and open CMS. Its
    architecture is designed to support any connected device and Luminaire Controller from any vendor
    on any communication network: Star Network (e.g. LoRa, NB-IoT, 3G, 4G), Mesh Network (e.g.
    Wirepas, ZigBee, Wi-SUN, BLE Mesh), and more. CityLinx Version 2.1 supports already 13 different
    vendors on 8 different communication networks and supports open interfaces such as OSCP (Open
    Smart City Protocol) or TALQ version 2.0 to manage even more vendors and communication
    • CityLinx is designed on the latest software technologies. It is delivered either on the
    customer’s IT Servers, on a private cloud located in-country and operated by BeeZeeLinx or by an
    authorized 3rd party company, or on the CityLinx secured cloud.
    • CityLinx is full of features. It provides authorized users with:
    o A view of devices data and status with the ability to display tens of hundreds of device’s
    statuses in one single map view in record time,
    o Device commissioning including auto-commissioning (automatic creation of devices when
    they reach the network for the first time),
    o Massive data collect with high performance,
    o Real time control in a secured way to prevent mistakes,
    o Lighting schedule management with flexible calendars and control programs,
    o Dynamic lighting to link sensors to groups of lights,
    o Outage management with its advanced failure reporting mechanism and configurable
    automation manager,
    o Energy consumption management that reports consumption for all devices in any
    geographical area between two dates/times, with peak and off-peak hours capability.
    o Flexible reporting mechanism, handling inventory and metering attributes in a natural
    language to allow users to get answers to any of their questions,
    o Integration with third-party software via Open RESTful API allowing read/write accesses to
    all the platform resources: asset data, collected data, aggregated data, alarms, reports,
    control programs (calendars, schedulers), and automation tasks
    o Innovative, intuitive and responsive web user interfaces.