Our optical sensor is equipped with a 256-pixel resolution that enables it to produce 3D depth maps of a bin's content. This dramatically increases the accuracy of the sensor as it provides multiple reference points, rendering false positives a thing of the past. Being able to read targets up to 5 meters away and not being affected by the contents or shape of the container, whether solid or liquid makes this sensor a great choice for all use cases.

Smart Waste Bin Sensor

  • The length and width of our smallest sesnors are similar to that of a credit card, with a depth of only 3cm. This, coupled with their black color, allows the sensors to be very discreet when installed. Despite the small size, battery life is over seven years. Unlike ultrasonic sensors, which are unable to measure any object in the first 25-30cm, our product has no technological constraints, making it perfect fit for even the smallest of bins.

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