NearSky™ 360 transforms existing streetlight infrastructure into a robust Internet of Outdoor Things to enable smart city devices and services. This simple plug and play device provides power, edge processing, metering and communications. These capabilities reduce cost and complication of smart city application deployment. 

NearSky edge processor with LTE connectivity

    • Quick, easy installation with a 7-pin connector at the base and ANSI compatible 7-pin receptacle at the top.   
    • Can be mounted below a CIMCON intelligent lighting controller for a compact profile and ease of maintenance. 
    • Powerful processor with ample internal memory provides support for extensive, complex inputs. 
    • Communications capabilities offer flexible options, wirelessly via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular or as wired communications via power over Ethernet, USB and RS-485.
    • Revenue-grade metering allows for billing and charge back associated with smart city applications.
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