Server or cloud-based, with an advanced user management system, inteliLIGHT® StreetLight Control Software is designed to efficiently manage street lighting projects regardless of their size, up to a virtually unlimited number of smart streetlight controllers.


Highly interactive and user-friendly, this software provides powerful management and reporting tools: detailed lamp parameters, real-time error reporting and advanced maintenance scheduling tools.


In addition, grouping, filtering and updating can be performed through the bulk operations interface, making it easier to manage a large number of streetlights, groups of streetlights, users or scheduled activities.


The software application is capable of managing different communication technologies (LoRa™, PLC, GSM/GPRS), being able to integrate street lighting control hardware solutions from different suppliers.


Furthermore, the system can connect and control other open protocol sensors and actuators, thus transforming inteliLIGHT® infrastructure into a TALQ certified platform.


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