The Blue PUCK AI,  gives a feedback of the status of any analogue sensor instantly and periodically through the Bluetooth network. The Blue PUCK AI, is a real asset to transform a simple sensor with an analog voltage output, into a connected object.



Analogue to Bluetooth Sensor

SKU: IDF25248
  • High transmission range: 500m (open field)
    Lifecycle: up to 17 years
    Analog input management
    Measure range: 0V up to 5V
    Operating mode:
    Advertising : periodic transmission of datas
    Industrial casing – IP68 waterproof
    Built-in NFC chip
    Operating temperature : -40°C to +85°C
    ∅ 57mm base - ∅ 57mm base - Weight 50g
    ∅ 57 mm base - ∅ with  cable gland 64mm - height 20 mm
    Standars : RoHS