"Greening" our Urban Spaces

in October 2019, UK government invited community-led organisations in partnership with local authorities to apply for funding to create new pocket parks and refurbish existing parks, with grants, from a £1.35 million fund, to establish new #PocketParks creating safe and usable green spaces. These grants were awarded in March of this year (2020) and the successful bids will create 68 new pocket parks.

Parks and green spaces give us all a chance to relax and unwind from the rigours of modern life. They breathe life into our bustling towns and cities, and provide valuable space for communities to socialise.

  • Pocket Park in Newcastle

City centres are playing an increasingly important role in local economies, and so any initiative to make urban areas better places for people to live and work in is a step in the right direction. Making better use of wasteland and vacant spaces is one way forward and could help to attract more residents and businesses to city centre areas, which would make a difference for the long-term economic prospects of places after the #Covid-19 pandemic.

Pocket parks are used for everything from exercise and gardening to socialising and relaxing. They have huge benefits for our mental and physical health and allow us to take a moment out of our busy lives to connect with nature. Just a space to get away from the office desk, take in some air and sunshine and catch up with friends or just reflect on your day.

We have the opportunity with these new #UrbanSpaces to help transform our cities into technology enhanced urban areas using new multi-functional smart city infrastructure, by providing new services and assets by meeting the needs of people – power and connectivity

Existing Infrastructure is aging – current outdoor spaces don’t answer needs of modern, mobile generations. We can improve peoples experience of a space, become a smarter space with a sustainable and green solution which utilises free #SolarEnergy to power wireless and USB charging stations, provide a sociable space to sit and relax and create #WiFi hot spots as a tool for enriching visitors experience.

  • Pocket Park - Camden

#SmartBenches create a sustainable solution for #PocketParks with facilities provided for the mobile generation and the option of providing additional #AirQuality and #PeopleCounting sensors within these sleek and smart designs, which will add to urban space and provide more data to your #SmartCity

If you want to know more about these #SmartBench products then drop me a line or visit

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